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Enthusiastic learners!

There is a surge in interest in the Cornish language, with classes not only in many parts of Cornwall but also in different parts of the UK, and even overseas. The Heamoor Class—KLASS AN HAY—is based in Heamoor, Penzance, and caters for all who would like to get to know Cornish, ranging from absolute beginners to advanced learners. Sessions take place weekly, with breaks in line with the school year. Several groups run concurrently to meet the needs of students with different levels of ability and proficiency. All the teachers are enthusiastic about the language, and all are fully qualified exponents of Cornish.    

The classes

Classes will normally take place on weekday evenings during term-time. Pre-covid they were being held at at St Thomas Church Hall, Church Road, Heamoor, TR18 3JD. However, all classes are now held on-line.         To find out more about classes currently on offer, click here.         To find out how to get in touch, click here.



Klass An Hay
Chun Quoit, Cornwall

The Heamoor Class